Hi There! I'm Maggie.

I am a designer who enjoys using my creative abilities to positively impact the world. I am dedicated and passionate about my work and creative process. I may have a drive for perfection, but it enhances my ability to complete my best work. I bring original and creative ideas to the table, and my goal is to exceed expectations and learn as much as I can in the process.

I graduated from West Virginia University in December of 2019 with a 3.7 overall GPA, Magna Cum Laude. I earned a BFA in Graphic Design and I am currently seeking a position as a graphic designer. I look forward to pursuing a professional career that will give me the ability to learn and grow as a designer.

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My Creative Process

The creative process is so important to me as a designer! It’s the ingredients that make a vision become reality. Not every project follows this process perfectly, but here is a timeline of how my brain creates.

  • Define the Problem

    Write down or draw all solutions that immediately pop into my head

  • Research

    Surf the web or look at books for inspiration

  • Plan

    Create thumbnail sketches. Create final sketches

  • Create

    Move to the computer to start designing

  • Revise

    Go though several rounds of revisions

  • Deliver

    Deliver the final product

  • pencil
  • light bulb with gears
  • thumbnail sketch
  • computer with illustrator logo on the screen
  • arrows going in circles
  • checkmark
  • Getting Stuck

    Design takes time and it is easy to get stuck. If I feel stuck on a project I like to take a break, exercise and come back to it with a fresh mind.

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